Sunday, July 31, 2011

Just what I needed

I have been a little frustrated lately about this whole foster/adoption journey. I think mainly because in our classes we go over real situations children have been through and it is not pretty. It leaves you feeling like you are going to have these horrible children with horrible problems. The reality is children in state custody have been through hell. But I know not all of them are horrible. These kids need to be taken care of and loved. Children act out because that is how they show what they are feeling.

Today at church brought all that into light. I met the most precious little boys today that are in foster care. The three year old let me hold him and he was so cuddly. He had the most beautiful head of hair, thick and soft. His adorable eyes and cute cheeks. He has two older brothers and an infant sister, all in care. I want them. :) This is exactly what I needed to remind me why I want to do this. I get so caught up in all the statstics and stories it is almost like I forget about the children. God knew I needed to see these little boys.

Speaking of stories: Today I heard about a woman who has had 20 children. Yes, 20! No auto-correct here. All of them have been taken from her. She started having children at 14 (she is now 35).She's been a prostitute and on drugs and who knows what else. She's keeping foster/adoptive parents in business but come on! In this type of situation I think this person's tubes should be tied. Unlike the Duggars this person is not having kids to have a big family.

As I go through this process I will remember those precious eyes from that sweet little boy. Trying to hold on!

2 more classes and then on to the actual process. This week we will have a panel of kids and foster/adoptive parents at our class. It will be interesting. Our last class is out at a restaurant wrapping things up! Whew! Exciting and scary!

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