Friday, May 27, 2011

Reading, reading and more reading!

The internet has LOTS and LOTS of adoption stories, advice, information, blogs, pictures and much more. Some of it is inspiring and some of it is frustrating. But at the end everyone says it is worth it and you forget all about how long you waited.

I have found myself passing by the children's clothes when I am at target or Old Navy or looking on-line at baby furniture. It is so weird. I know I probably shouldn't do that yet but it is okay to look, right?

I went to a former students high school graduation party. What a sweet and talented girl. I am so glad she invited me to her party. I also had her older sister in elementary school and she was there with her newborn. I was lucky enough to be able to hold her while I was there. So sweet! Thanks Megan! :)

Earlier today I was sitting in my comfy chair and one of my furbbies was laying on the back of the chair with her head on my head. My other furbaby was laying next to me int he chair and I imagined a baby laying in my lap!AWE, what bliss! This has been a bit of a rambled blog tonight so I guess I will go. :}
I hope everyone has a good Memorial weekend! Stay safe and have FUN!

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