Wednesday, May 18, 2011


There is something so sweet about newborn babies and puppies and birds. They are so innocent and fresh and soft.
I saw a couple newborns today at the hospital when I was staying with a friend who was on the same floor. Seeing those babies brought up lots of different emotions. So excited about the thought of being a mom. But also sad about the realization that I won't have the experience of birthing a child. Seeing my baby take its first breath. I am lucky to have seen a couple of my nephews being born. It is breathtaking! It is truly a miracle of God!

As excited as I am about having my child through adoption I know I am still grieving not birthing one. As a good friend tells me "It just plain sucks" I don't need to feel bad about it when I need to grieve it.
As for my adoption process I have been registered for my PS-MAPP course. 3hr classes for 10 weeks starting June 7th. In Kansas everyone who adopts or becomes a foster parent must take this course.
I hear they focus on worse case scenarios when discussing Foster children. I think all parents should have to take this course. Unfortunately there is no way to make that happen.
Anyway, I'm so excited to begin this class. One day closer to becoming a mom.

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  1. Doug & I just finished our 10 PS-MAPP classes. And some of those stories are just awful!! I'll be very interested in hearing more about your experience in the class.
    Tracy Hemsath