Friday, January 29, 2010


I am so obsessed with the musical "Wicked." I was lucky enough to see it twice when it came to Kansas City. I bought tickets with my sister and a friend (who did not know I bought tickets) bought tickets for my birthday! I sat in the orchestra section both times! I saw it the year before that and really liked it, but now... I think it helped sitting closer, I could see the expressions on the performers faces. After the first show I looked up Marcie Dodd and Helene Yorke on the internet. Sound like great people and I have been following the actresses and wicked online ever since! I listen to the CD all the time. Wishing the touring cast had their own CD of the show! Anyway.... if you haven't seen the show, I highly recommend you go if it is coming to a theatre near you!


  1. I posted an answer to your question, but I wanted to let you know immediately that the auction is for ALL items listed (the poster and the pictures). I posted this in the comment section and e-mailed the others who didn't quite understand. Happy bidding!


  2. Ahhh me too! I have now seen it three times here in San Francisco, and after the first time I saw it I must have spent 20 hours on Youtube looking up videos of the original cast singing all the numbers. I even went so far as to watch the German performances. *shakes head* Definitely catagorized as "obsession."