Saturday, January 16, 2010


I met my precious 9 month old cousin, Adelynn. She was baptized on Sunday, Jan. 10th. It was the first time I met Adelynn because she is very sick. The doctors don't know why, which I think is totally frustrating.She is pretty much nonresponsive. She has seizures, which are better. She has a feeding tube but will also eat some baby food. She has never shown expression, barely opens her eyes and can't hold up her head. This my cousin Richard and his wife's first child. I hope and pray they can find out what is going on so she can get better, if that is possible.As a present for her baptism, I made an altered letter "A." I put her name on the "A" with stickers and also the baptism date, I added a cross charm that hung in the circle of the "A."

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