Friday, August 5, 2011

Another step closer

Today I found out from the agency I am working with that I have been assigned a caseworker. I don't know who it is but supposedly she will be contacting me soon (soon to her and soon to me may be different). My caseworker and I will be working closely together to match me with "my children."

But I still have things to do:
CPR/ First Aid - signed up
TB test
fingerprinting/background check
pets need to be updated on all shots. Of course they just came due.
car inspection (really!?)
Licensing Walk through aka Home study.



  1. I see that this was posted in 2011! I'd love to read about your experiences in the classes and with the home study! We're just starting the process towards adopting a pre-teen or teen ager!

  2. Hi Princessblogger,
    A lot has canged since that post. Long story short.... (hopefully. I decided to not go with the agency I mentioned in the post. I took a bit of a journey through possible private adoption, decided for many reasons to no longer go that route. Signed with a different agency this past September/October. I just had my home study yesterday, Currently waiting on my temporary license before I get any children. I am licensed to foster children 4-18 years. I am a middle school teacher so I am okay (I think) with caring for teeneagers. I am hoping to eventually adopt, but that is up to God. One thing I have learned (even thought I already knew and fought against)through all of this is it is God's timing.